Kennita Watson at JSA Political Fair


Kennita Watson talks with students at the political fair.
Kennita Watson talks with students at political fair.

Kennita Watson, candidate for Congress in the 17th District, was part of a group of Libertarians participating in the political fair at the spring convention of Junior State of America. The convention, held in Santa Clara, brings together secondary school students who are interested in politics and government. Students had a chance to take the “world’s smallest political quiz”, to find out how their opinions match up with the two-dimensional political map.

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Kennita Watson endorsed by LP of California

Kennita Watson, running for Congress in the 17th District, has been endorsed by the Libertarian Party of California.  Another local candidate endorsed by the LPC is John Inks, running for State Assembly in the 24th District.  These two districts overlap — voters in Sunnyvale (and a little bit of Cupertino) will have the opportunity to vote for both of them in the upcoming primary!


Candidate petition party Saturday, 20 February

If you live in Congressional District 17 and/or Assembly District 24, come to the petition party being held this Saturday from 3pm to 7pm at Marie Callender’s, 751 E. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale.  Petitions will be available to get both of the LP of Santa Clara County endorsed candidates, Kennita Watson and John Inks, on the ballot.  (Maybe petitions for other candidates also.) You can sign the petitions there, or take copies to circulate yourself to get more signatures.  Come join us to be part of this important step in these candidates’ campaigns — and/or for food.  (Kennita says they have darn good pie!)

Petition to get Kennita Watson on the ballot

The first — and most urgent – part of the Kennita Watson for Congress campaign is getting her name on the ballot.  This will require a combination of signatures and money.  You can help with either one!

The petition form is two-sided (two pages back to back) — you can download it from:



You must print these back-to-back, on the same sheet of paper.  Also, the pages containing signatures from each county must be submitted separately to each county.  So the first thing to do after printing the form is to write the county name (either “Alameda” or “Santa Clara”) in the space on the front, after the words “I am a resident of”.  Then be sure that the people signing the form are from that county.  If you are going to be circulating the petition in some place where there are going to be people from both counties, then make a page for each county.

The signers must be registered to vote in 17th Congressional District.  They do NOT need to be registered with any particular political party, or any party at all.  But they do need to both print and sign their name, and write in the address at which they are registered (actual residence address, not a post office box).  Please encourage signers to write neatly and use their full name — if the county can’t figure out who they are then the signature won’t count.

When you are done you must fill in and sign the bottom part of the back side, titled “affidavit of circulator”.   Fill in your full name and residence address, along with the dates that you started and finished getting signatures on this page.  Then sign it and write the date that you are signing it, and contact us to arrange for it to be turned in.